Roof Anchors for window washing play a crucial role in protecting the cleaning teams and exterior services. These are described as an umbrella term that means fall protection and are used in the process of linking lifelines and lanyards to a safe point with the top or sides of large or moderate commercial structures. Many buildings do not add roof anchors in their initial design despite their significant role in the buildings.

Roof anchors have many advantages for your business:

Focus on the crew member’s safety working on the exterior of your building. Since the protection and safety of all the team members is important. Therefore, companies make sure that their workers can have a safe and effective place to work at all times. Indubitably, employees are the most valuable assets in a company. You must hire reputable building services to secure them with roof anchors.

Roof Anchor Installation Services

Since roof anchors are the critical components to ensure the compliance and safety of all the crew members, they should be addressed properly.

Roof anchors might include:

  • Windscreen posts
  • Sockets and Davits
  • Eyebeam
  • Columns
  • Outriggers
  • Eyebolts

However, enough roof fall protection anchor is not available on a huge number of buildings. It is advised to hire services that can provide you with professional roof anchor installation on your building to assure the agreement with all the latest standards and regulations.

Roof Anchors for window washing

Identify who can examine and repair the anchors.

The load tests or the visual assessments must be done by a skilled person or an expert engineer. However, these services are offered by numerous roof inspection companies and general building engineers.

The report may conclude that minor repairs, like leaking or sealing failures, or substantial repairs, like anchor substitution, are necessary after loading or visual assessments. They may necessitate the assistance of a design engineer or the services of a basic handyman, depending on the intricacy of the repairs.

If a Building Manager is unsure who to request a load test or an assessment from, they might get assistance from their roof anchor makers, general building engineers, or window cleaners.

Book Your Inspections

Meticulously, Roof Anchors for window washing must be approved for any operation that requires attachment. The inspection is usually performed before the first season of the window cleaning services. Thus these various degrees of repairs may be necessary as a result of the inspection. It is recommended that the building manager plan their yearly assessment between March or April.